Modern Millennial Nurse Series: The Nurse Connection

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“ Being healthy





It's the only thing


that we have that


will be with us


forever. "

-Portia "Revlon" Wofford @yournurseconnection

Written By: Colea Owens MBA, BSN, RN

Meet Portia! But everyone calls her Revlon!

Portia is the Founder and CEO of Your Nurse Connection! Portia has been a nurse for seven years with a specialization in long term care, geriatrics, home, public health care, and wound care. She realized that there was a disconnect between patients and their healthcare providers and started Your Nurse Connection with the mission of Connecting the community and healthcare through proper education and coordination of care. The Result? Increased continuity of care, proper education, and patients being accountable for and independent with their healthcare. 

 “I hope to accomplish a healthier community. I want my brand to represent health, advocacy, unity, and beauty. Being healthy is beautiful. It's the only thing that we have that will be with us forever. I want to encourage everyone, but especially the African American community to see health as an essential part of everyday life, not just an afterthought.”

They don’t call her Revlon just because!

“I love nursing and fashion. I've been coined "nurse diva" "model nurse" "Revlon" etc by my peers. If nothing else you can always find me, at work with lipstick on. I love lipstick”

Establishing a healthy life and personal style in Nursing is hard, especially on nights.  12 hour shifts often leave us tired, hungry and lacking energy and enthusiasm particularly for maintenance and self care- which is most important. Revlon created a product line “Lipstick and Stethoscopes” where she’s been able to empower women to embrace their health, personal style and fashion within nursing.

“I feel that as a young woman I can be fly yet professional.  When I decided to do an apparel line, I had the idea that I want to do something that is professional yet fashionable. My motto is being healthy, fly, and professional is a lifestyle.”

Tools for Success. Navigating Nursing is challenging but Revlon’s story is one of inspiration. She was able to find support and encouragement all around her, using the resources that so many minorities are unable to access in their communities and personal circles.

I used my instructors as mentors.  One in particular, Mrs. Mary John Brown. She pushed me when I felt like giving up and felt as though this career path was not for me. Also, my son's father was a huge support system.  When my car broke down, he gave me his brand new truck to make it back and forth to Clinical’s and school.  He made sure I had study time and made sure that I never gave up.”

Passion, Purpose and Awakening! Optimism is essential in Nursing as there will be struggles- no doubt. Looking back on the beginning of our nursing journeys there’s a million things we wish we would’ve known to make our transitions easier. How we choose to embrace our journey and what we learn from them are most important.

“I'd describe my nursing journey as difficult yet inspiring and awakening. I've learned so much about myself on this path to care for others.  I've found my passion and purpose in life.

[Looking Back]I'd tell myself to relax and seek truth in yourself to find out why God sent you on this path. I firmly believe that whatever we do is not for us, but we are sent on paths, for others to find us, so that we may help them.” 

Connection is key. Knowing that there are other people out their experiencing what you are going through as a Minority Nurse brings the comfort and security you need to embrace your purpose in nursing and impacting healthcare overall. Seeking purpose means using our talents for missions greater than ourselves, that pathway to connecting the who we are to why we are.

The Advocate and Nursepreneur. 

“YOUR NURSE CONNECTION is my business that I started after years as a home health nurse. I realized that not every patient is homebound; however, they still may need education and monitoring to prevent hospitalization. I also realized that patients have more of a personal connection with their nurse and that as a nurse I could be an advocate and also coordinate care with their entire healthcare team, to enable my patients to be accountable and responsible for their own health.”

Entrepreneurship is important in Nursing. It allows us the independence to express ourselves and create opportunities from our talents and experiences. Whether it becomes our full time job or we commit to it as a side project it is important that we develop ourselves to grow outside of nursing, which at times can be draining. Entering entrepreneurship is difficult yet exhilarating. We may not always have the answers, but identifying our resources is essential. As a minority community, we can come together to increase knowledge and awareness so that more of us can become successful.

I understand that as nurses we need to be at our best and educate ourselves, but sometimes it's hard to find the resources we need. Part of Your Nurse Connection's mission is to find classes, certs, businesses, resources, and etc for ALL nurses, especially LPNs so that we can expand our knowledge, skillset, and become more marketable.”

How do you see yourself impacting the future of nursing? I see myself being a media nurse and educating other nurses on how to impact our community through healthcare.

Finish this statement... Nursing to me means “Advocacy, Education, and taking care of one another”

Nursing is... “Healthcare.”


We thank Portia “Revlon” Wofford for participating in our Modern Millennial Nurse Series! Embracing Black Nurses! Check her out at and on Instagram as @Yournurseconnection. Her inspiration leaves us asking ourselves…What are your Entrepreneur Dreams and how do you plan to impact your community through Nursing! Let us know in the comments section below!

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