Overcoming Nursing Insecurities

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Insecurities...we all have them.

 "I'll never be a nurse, Can you start an IV for me because I'm horrible" or the " Doc is gonna chew me out if I call without knowing my stuff" self talk. Even worse, we talk ourselves out of taking that manager position, the ICU job, applying to that ER/Trauma position or NP school because we don't think we have what takes. Most of the time we don't event KNOW what it takes because we've let our insecurities get the best of us.


So, what would happen if we just DID IT, and allowed ourselves to learn if we fail?

What does it REALLY take to grab a hold of your destiny and create the nursing opportunities we want for ourselves?

Well this weekend we caught Yvonne Orji better known as “Molly” from Insecure, and lets just say BABY is a GIRLBOSS on and off the Camera.  Acting, Comedy or simply a child of God, Yvone Orji is aligned with her purpose in life and left us wondering: What magic would happen if more nurses were diligent in the process and aligned to their true purpose?

Check out her Gems we turned into Nursing Nuggets Below:


Trust the process... your in for something Bigger than you Imagined!

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Moving to LA we learned Ms. Orji had moments of doubt and discouragement. Out in LA with nothing to start, she was left discouraged, wondering what here greater purpose was. Instead of giving up, she remained faithful and humbled giving in to what she was called to do. Even more so, she took her process as the preparation for something bigger, because as she said we can't prepare for war during the battle. She embraced her struggles and prepared for her breakthrough. When you’re tired and down is when you REALLY see God move.

How many days does nursing (and life) get the best of you? Although you may not know you’re next move do you stay faithful to the preparation and the calling of nursing on your life?



Ways to preparing for your Nursing breakthough;

·      Learning all you can

·      Keeping up on your certifications

·      Taking advantage of opportunities to be on nursing councils

·      Ask for more responsibilities, take leadership on teams

·      Help out often

·      Make yourself known as a leader on the unit/ or in the classroom